What do I do when someone is intentionally flagging all my craigslist ads?

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February 21, 2010

I worked for an independent mattress retailer for about a year and a half. It was classified as a small business but we sold a lot of beds out of there. Anyway, recently I decided to stake my own claim and open up a shop of my own. To make a very long story very short, the owner was none too pleased. He even went so far as to attempt to have me sign a non-compete agreement under the ruse that I could be part owner of his business someday (he was actually just trying to make sure I didn’t open a shop and compete with him). Rather than being happy that I’ve decided to open a place of my own, he’s been very vindictive and flat out childish. I guess I’d be a little disappointed if I were in his shoes but by the same token I wouldn’t be acting like he’s acting now. Anyway, my primary advertising strategy involves Craigslist and so far he’s flagged just about every ad I’ve placed…and I’ve posted about 7 so far in a week! I’ve not flagged any of his ads because I’m not going get into a “spat” with him and be his chief rival…that’s not how I roll. Our market is big enough for both of us to succeed. Is there a way to keep my ads from getting flagged by him? Is there a limit to how many ads you can flag in one day? How can I keep him from infringing on my advertising strategy on craigslist?
by the way, the way he flags it is that he has access to 5 different computers with 5 different ip addresses. He makes one call and the ad is gone and that’s what’s making it so difficult

One thought on “What do I do when someone is intentionally flagging all my craigslist ads?”

  1. There is nothing you can “really” do about anyone flagging your posts. Unfortunaly craiglist company and their employees do not care.

    But, read this site – Sorry I had to go find the link:


    I like this site – it really gets into the things to know about craigslist for you. I use craigslist and love using it. But, there is always someone out there to make things hard on others.

    GOod luck

    On a side note:
    Check your state laws – you maybe able to sue him for harrasement or something, if you can prove it.

    Contact a lawyer- if you run a buisness it is a good idea to have insurance and a lawyer. If you have limited funds – go with prepaid legal. I love them, they give you free ove the phone consults, they help you make a free will and testimate, they give you free letters to those who you need legal action against (example: someone is purposely making false claims about your buisness to hurt it, that is called defermation of character – you call legal aid and they will write a letter on your behalf telling them to cease and dismiss or you will take futher legal action) and it is all free.

    You get discounts for legal assitance and even certain amount of FREE legal representation if someone sues you for any reason! The reason they do that is in hopes the person will settle if they have a case or drop it if they really do not. They must be able to afford an attorney longer than you get one for free. Anyways, legal aid is cheap – like only $17 a month! WOW – plus you get tons more free legal help – check them out.


    hope this helps.

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