my friend says she got in trouble for piracy by comcast?

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March 29, 2010

How can comcast just invade her privacy like that? I didn’t know they could monitor what you do on the internet. Because she said she got in trouble for using LimeWire and Comcast sent her an email about Piracy she said. I don’t understand. Ive been using Comcast high speed internet for years with the illegal downloads and I have never gotten an email or anything like that. I told her it was probably just some spam or something and she said it was for real. How can you get into trouble for something like that? and isn’t it against the law for them to invade your privacy?

4 thoughts on “my friend says she got in trouble for piracy by comcast?”

  1. All your traffic goes through them, so they can see what you do. And you run under their terms and conditions, pretty much meaning they can do whatever they want to your connection.

  2. You should read the contract you sign with them. They can do whatever they want. Atleast your friends not being sued by the record company for thousands of dollars.

  3. Lucky. I did that on Time Warner years ago and they just simply terminated my service without warning. Said they would never give me an internet account with their company, ever. But said I was welcome to keep cable, lol.

    Trust me, Comcast isn’t using all their resources “watching” your friend. Some of the people you download off Limewire are actually record companies setting you up. They are logging into lime wire just like she is. They look for their songs. Then they look at all the IP# that are currently sharing the song. The write the IP# down and do a reverse lookup to see who the ISP is, they then write to the ISP to make them enforce the copyright law, by sending the letter they did. The record company can sue from 750-3000 per song per download.

    I suggest googling “Youtube downloader” and downloading directly off of you . Youtube downloader not only lets you download the video but convert it into other video formats OR convert it to an mp3 (strips the video away). Thats the best way to get some free music without big brother breathing down your neck.

    Comcast isn’t violating privacy, its their network. Your friend is giving up her privacy by logging into Limewire and letting everyone in Limewire know that she’s downloading illegally (by downloading you have to have an IP# to share and thats public).

  4. Sharpguy has the gist of it. RIAA, the strong arm enforcers of the recording industry actually sets out “honeypots” – which are files that are logged on all the trackers as down loadable, and they are the latest and greatest. They are the movies and tunes that everyone wants. The problem is that those files never quite download. But in the meantime, while you are waiting for that last bit that never comes, your IP address is recorded, your ISP is identified and all is recorded and time stamped in true legal triplicate fashion.
    The next day, your ISP (Comcat) receives a nasty letter demanding that Comcast force their subscribers (on pain of leagal action against Comcast) to cease and desist infringing on the sacred rights of the copyright holders.They also want, which Comcast has up to now not done, Comcast to identify you by name and address so they can “protect their property”.
    Instead, Comcast sends nasty letters.
    Just remember – stuff rolls downhill

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