I’m too sexy for my burka!!! ?

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April 16, 2010


Interesting stuff. Only 3 minutes… just watch it. It’s a mixture of comedy and how pitiful humankind is coming to regress.

*Please note: I do support NIKE though because women are going to where the hijab no matter what, so the least they can do is liberate women by making clothes for them to play sports in. Also, they are a business that sees opportunity for a new market. They don’t support the hijab… but any way possible to liberate these women is a compromise. You cannot go from one place to another, you often have to go inbetween. I love what they are doing.
Servant of Jesus: Respecting the woman’s body enough to cover up? That religion is obcessed with the woman’s body. You are basically a slut if you don’t. Women: be proud, not try to hide.
Sarah: Relax.
Also, it’s not meant to taunt or be anti-choice. It is meant to give the truth in conservative Islam. It’s dangerously growing in Europe at high speeds. Fastest growing religion in the world.
Ghost: the koran says women must dress “modestly”. To each their own with that. It’s a growing tradition. They are very convincing to young women… believe me, I have conservative muslim friends and they know what buttons are the right ones to touch on when talking about these things.

9 thoughts on “I’m too sexy for my burka!!! ?”

  1. I admire Muslims for respecting the female body enough to cover up, but what they do in Afghanistan is ridiculous!

  2. The interesting thing is that hijab is really a cultural norm rather a religious norm. The Koran certainly doesn’t actually command that woman have to cover up, and even in the early history of Islam there were plenty of regions where woman had free reign to wear unrestrictive clothing, to the point where such bare skin on African Muslims shocked the sensibilities of some Muslim travelers like Ibn Battuta.

  3. Yeah, The sad thing is that people who don’t want to face what is really happening to women in Islam, condemn these poor women to being murdered, raped, and honor killed. Even children such as the 13 year old girl who was raped and then stoned to death for being raped.

    That’s fine people, stick with your idiotic political correctness, refuse to admit that these things are going on daily everywhere Muslims live, and keep right on condemning these women to a lifetime of abuse and eventually murder for many of them.


    Good video. Thanks for posting it. Reality is a necessity. Some of us do have backbones.

    P.S. As for what Nike is doing, the clothing they are proposing there wouldn’t be enough to keep women from being stoned to death in many Islamic countries, so it’s a fairly limited market. Showing the division between legs as pants do is considered extremely immodest and asking to be raped at the least, murdered at the most.

    EDIT: So Layla what do you have to say about these women then? It is NOT a choice for most Muslim women in the world, and they are regularly murdered for refusing to wear it as in the case of the 16 year old girl whose father murdered her for this. Or they are raped – rapes of women all over the world where Muslims have immigrated are increasing exponentially, and the Imams say that the women deserved it because by not wearing a hajib it is the man’s right to rape them.

    What are you doing to address these things Layla? Block me all you want, but until you stand up and help these women, your igoring them and pretending it isnt happening is helping to send them to their deaths. Doesn’t that bother you?

    It’s not a stereotype, Layla and you know it. It is the reality of it, and women all over the world are being injured because of Muslims like you who refuse to stand up and put a stop to it.

  4. What’s your point?

    I put a hijab.. It is a sign of modesty.. It makes me feel like a respect woman.. I don’t understand what’s the point of the video really??

    And Schmo, you were wondering why I blocked you, I say you should wonder no more 😉 This is not the only answer you stereotype and attack Muslims or Arabs in.

    The girl that was murdered was not in an Islamic country, Canada is a secular country. We believe Hijab is a choice which means you can’t force it on someone, Allah will only reward you if you have the INTENTION to wear not because you are just wearing it..

    I don’t remember any Imams saying rape is okay. And if there was, I give them the same respect that I give to Christian Child Molestors.

    Oh and by the way, there is 5x the amount of rape going on in the West. I never heard you talk about it, prejudice much?

    I’m not refusing to stand up.. I stand up to silliness whether coming from you or any Religious Fundamentalists.. It is hard to reach a country such as Somalia, but what we can do is pray and ask God to give them an education and guide them to the right path.

    Of course, Actions speak louder then words.

    So I do not just pray, but I make sure I educate people that what a lot of Muslims are doing in Somalia is wrong and against the divine instruction of the Quran and Shariah Law.

  5. I admit that I didn’t like this part about my religion when I was young, it’s only when I became older that I understood the great wisdom in this and I will tell you why.

    Western people consider it to be freedom, girls can wear very short skirts and half naked clothes, they forget that some men are single, some men are old, some men are not attractive .. besides not all girls are at the same level of beauty, this causes hatred and competition between them, besides if you’re an average or ugly girl then you’re really out of luck, finally this make girls seem like only sex objects or only good for sex, what’s ironic is that they always complain men don’t care about their minds, how can they care if they are looking at your body?!! .. I only see this as selfishness and disrespect to other people, no wonder rape is very common in western countries … if a girl is supposed to be with one man in the end, what’s the point in torturing all the other men?

  6. This is an interesting topic. I am a 48 y/o Christian man and I am very drawn to look at an attractive woman. Frankly I enjoy it too much when I see a woman show a lot of cleavage in a sexy way or I see women on the beach in sexy bikinis.

    By the way, I have 5 daughters ranging from 14 to 28. I allow them to make their own choices and let me tell you, they choose to wear their bikinis, just like their firends. (Thankfully – as far as I know – none of them wear thong bikinis)

    I like the alluring covers of magazines and I have struggled with pornography for much of my life. Jesus tells us that if we sin with our eye we should pluck it out. I truly believe this is only a metaphor, but he did say it, and I am sure he said it for a reason.

    I would never support changing Christian society to changing to burkas, but I wonder if our world will ever find a middle ground?

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