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April 20, 2010

How important is it for you to have a personal list – one of your very own? You’re online building a business, so think about it. Which would you rather do? Which would you open – an email form someone whose name you recognized, or from one you didn’t? I think you’ll agree with me that you’d be far more likely to open an email from the one that you’ve subscribed to.

Indeed, all Internet users behave in pretty much the same way! Based on that, do you think that if you were building a personal list of your own and send useful, informative emails to your subscribers, then your rate of having them opened and read will be 1) more, or 2) less, than if you buy, rent, or otherwise use a list that’s not yours?

I’m guessing you can answer that question yourself.

Without question, building a personal list is the way to go.

You should realize that if you buy a list, you wouldn’t be the only buyer of that list. That should set your alarm bells ringing! That means that whoever gets your email, will also be getting the same one from who knows how many other people too – everyone offering the same information, everyone getting an email from someone they’ve never heard of and will not therefore trust.

You can see how important your personal list is.

The next step is how to set about personal list building. In spite of what may be said elsewhere, the minimum you need is a web page. It only needs to be a very simple page – just something to support a simple opt-in code

That means you’ll need to sign up with an autoresponder too. The autoresponder software is the management facility software for your emails and to collect the personal details of potential clients. Don’t worry it’s not at all scary!

The nature of your email content is vital. The information in them must be of the quality that will get read. The more useful your content is to your reader, the more chance you have of keeping them. Quality information is the key and a failure with this will render your emails left unopened.

This is something you cannot hurry and it just won’t happen overnight for you. This is a long-term business and needs to be seen as one. Build your list; build your business. Do this and you’ll be happy; a long-term business with long-term customers.

When you go through the editorial on your autoresponder, be sure to use the double opt-in facility. This is to prompt your potential subscribers to verify that they have indeed actually agreed to receive emails from you. And helps you not to be classed a “spammer” under the SPAM laws

Being labeled as a spammer should suggest one thing to those who just want to buy, or rent a list. It’s a non-personal, one-off mailing which has the strong potential to get you banned for spamming. So just don’t. Focus instead on the integrity and reputation that building your own personal long-term list will provide.

Leran to build the best list possible

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