selling Russ troll dolls?

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April 5, 2010

I have a ton of them… like 20 of the 1ft tall ones and 20 of the 5″ ones. I bought them when i was like 10 i have no clue why i loved them but i know i spent like $45 on each of the larger ones (ughh i know). Most are mint and have tags still. Anyway, i tried listing them on craigslist but i dont think its really gonna work. I have used ebay to buy before but never sell. I do have a sellers paypal account. Is it worth trying ebay? I cant find these stupid trolls online trying to price each one of them, so idk what to list them for. If i use ebay and dont sell them, will i still be charged that ebay fee? Should i try selling them individually or as a lot? How does the ebay fee thing work… is it a flat rate or a percentage of how much you get for your item? Does anyone have a clue if these things will even sell at all… is there a market for these trolls? I know they are all retired and are not being sold by the company anymore… for a while now actually. Thanks!!

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  1. I am an ebay seller and I agree you need to do some research. here is the link that can provide all the answers to your questions. I wish you great luck. Ebay is awesome. I cant copy the link so here it is
    go to your ebay and hit selling tips go down and see seller education. they are actually quite thorough. it is not allowing you to see it.
    btw anything rare or vintage or discontinued actually sells pretty well. You can make your moneys worth if you sell it right.

  2. List them separately, with a starting bid of 99 cent, and then put a reserve price on them.

    The low starting bid attracts interest, and can cause a bidding frenzy, with bidders actually bidding more than they originally planed.
    While selling them as a lot, those that only want one, or a few of them, are discouraged, and they are usually bought at a lower price by someone looking to resell then individually.

    At one time I was an E Bay power seller.

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