Technology Can Burn Your Nerves

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April 19, 2010

The technology being advance and fast and the man running out of time is parasitic on it. To communicate, to connect and to attain information Human Species has to acknowledge the Hi-tech world sooner or later as communication is everyone’s necessity.

Mode of communication has changed from pigeon carrying letter (our in-house dakiya), telegram to telephone, pager, cellphone, e-mails, online chats and webcam conferencing. But with advantages there is no escapism from its hazards. The cache is full of threats like viruses, phishing, spamming, pornographic sites, mobile spoofing, etc.

Viruses are the most chronic threat computer mechanism is susceptible to. Send in via e-mails or links, Just a click on it and your system is under havoc.

Hackers are dangerous thefts that steal the confidential and sensitive data stored in your computer which is highly informative to one is misused by another. They are sometimes called “crackers”.

In phishing AN e-mail is send to the user. This e-mail which avouches itself to be coming from a legitimate organization or authority is fraud in real sense. The impostor forge request for recipient’s confidential details associated to his bank accounts like PINS, passwords, funds in account, etc. These minutiae are then used by the impostor while attempting frauds.

Spamming is just another predicament blooming on internet, in which unwanted e-mails are sent unbridled in bulk to uncountable users causing annoyance.

Volley of pornographic sites available at just one click whet the young mind prone to mental harm gets entrapped in it very readily. They go astray and leading them to indulge themselves in offences.

Mobile spoofing has already started spreading its wings, with there are number of websites providing the user to send masked SMS to anyone and from any mobile number of his choice with himself being unidentified, and the original sender being clueless about it, just by registering oneself on such websites at a small amount.

There is an excrescence in MMS Scandals the clips get circulated via internet and mobile phones form one corner of the world to another with the privacy being curtailed and leading to ignominy.

Due to anonymity followed by the internet users it becomes difficult for the investigators to bring to light the real culprits as unscrupulous people flout the internet guidelines by filling wrong information.

However there are IT laws under the IT Act enforced to catch the hold of culprits but one has to be cautious as it is a sensitive matter and cannot be condoned.

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