5 Things An Easy Money Making Website Should Have

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May 10, 2010

When first starting out many Internet marketing newbies start with an easy money making website. Having most of the setup work done for you is very helpful when you do not know how to do it yourself.

1. Your website should be easy to operate and allow for you to make changes to it in the future. This is why you do not want to use replicated websites that come with many business opportunities.

A functional website is one that clearly lets your visitors know what products you have the offer and is easy to get around in. By hosting it yourself you can go in and make changes to products and programs whenever you feel is necessary.

2. You want to target a niche where money is being spent. There is no sense trying to sell products on a website that nobody is interested in. For this reason having your website set up with products that are in demand will make it much easier for you to be profitable that much quicker.

3. Your website can actually be a blog which allows you to add fresh content to it. If it is a regular website it should include a link to a blog where you can make fresh content additions. Blogging is important for a number of reasons to make sure that you have that capability.

4. There should be a sign up form above the fold where people can find it. This sign up form leads to an autoresponder where you will capture the contact information of traffic as it comes to your website.

Building your own email list is a key long term money making tactic. By having this incorporated into your site initially you can concentrate on driving traffic and not setting this up in advance.

5. It should include an autoresponder such as Get Response where the names and email addresses of your subscribers are stored. It is beneficail if it can also include a few prewritten email messages in advance. This takes some of the burden off of you initially having to create those yourself.

6. It is nice to include things on your website or blog such as a place for people to participate in surveys, to leave comments, and of course to be able to get a hold of you whenever they need to. Making your website as interactive as possible creates credibility for you and makes it more relaxing for your visitors.

These are six tips that every easy money making website should have. The more that is provided to Internet newbies up front the easier it is for them to get started making money.

Suzanne Morrison is on the staff of the Affiliate Power Group where they help people with their own money making website. Check out their Internet marketing coaching if you need help making money as an affiliate marketer.

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