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May 12, 2010

Who is Mark Hoverson?

Mark Hoverson made his name known in the MLM profession in the last couple of years by becoming an attraction marketing dynamo in Global Resorts Network.  When Mark first got involved in the MLM profession, he attempted at first to build his business through traditional recruiting tactics – buying leads, doing home meetings, and handing out DVDs and audio CDs.

He tried it all – purchasing leads lists and experiencing the excruciating pain of dialing through hundreds and thousands of leads each week.  After a while, he found that the only people who would get involved with him in his business were the people who he took time with and got to know them over the phone.

After he had struggled, failed, and spent thousands of dollars on worthless generic home business leads, Mark Hoverson made a decision to study and master Magnetic Sponsoring techniques over the internet.  When Mark applied his creativity and passion to internet marketing, he found that instead of beating the phones to death trying to sponsor everyone and their mother, that the very best prospects would give him a call, credit card in hand, ready to join his business.

Since that time, he has broken several international sales records, and earned in excess of $100,000 in a single month from his home business.

What are the main strategies that Mark uses to build his business?

You’ll find that Mark has done almost everything on the internet – all the way from Pay Per Click to Social Media Marketing – and everything in between.

Once Mark gets someone to ‘Opt In’ to his newsletter, he then has a series of auto responder campaigns that promote Mark, his products, and also several affiliate programs that he is involved with.  To put it simply, Mark Hoverson is an absolute marketing dynamo who applies a well balanced strategy of marketing, branding, and affiliate programs to profit from his email list as much as he can.

Should you join Mark Hoverson’s team?  Or will you get scammed out of your money if you do?

Mark Hoverson is definitely NOT a scam, as you’ll find if you do your research properly.  In preparation for this article, I ran into a Rip-Off Report where someone was complaining about getting scammed by Mark online.  However, they were just promoting their own company. 

One thing that you’ll have access to by joining Mark’s team is in depth marketing strategies that will help you market any business you choose.  Just because Mark Hoverson is a fantastic online marketer does not mean you should drink the coolaid and decide to join his team, however.  You need to do your own due diligence and decide what the right strategy is for you.  What you’ll find is that no matter who’s team you join – whether it is Mark Hoverson’s or any of the other online gurus – there is no free lunch in Network Marketing and you’re going to have to learn some new skills and work hard.

You might actually discover in your research that it would be a bad idea for you to join Mark Hoverson’s organization – not because he’s bad – but because there is a better option for you.  For example, I feel that although his system is absolutely superb, there are better online marketing systems that you can have access that are easier to use.  Just make sure that you don’t make a final decision before you look at some options that are comparable – or better – and that way you’ll be able to create a more informed marketing strategy.

When you break down Mark Hoverson’s techniques into the simplest possible denominators – you’ll find that they will aid you a great deal in reaching your dreams through your Multi Level Marketing business.

David Wood is an expert on MLM gurus like Mark Hoverson. is a Magnetic Sponsoring coach who can help you sponsor 20-50 reps per month into your home business, using Attraction Marketing internet based strategies. If you would like to immediately profit from your home business, visit this website for a free video training valued at $97: MLM Training Secrets

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