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May 8, 2010

Bluetooth is the hottest technology for campaigning and marketing. Bluetooth marketing is also known as proximity advertising has become really popular overseas as the hottest way to get in touch with existing and prospective customers. This technology is so advance that one need to press the button for transforming the channel and use Bluetooth technology to transform the data.

So, are you still searching for cost effective and creative method to distribute the data? Bluetooth is the creative and cost effective way to send or receive data without paying single penny. This technology was started in 2003 and all kinds of companies have found it an extraordinary useful. By definition proximity marketing is “the localized wireless distribution of advertising content connected with a particular place. Transmissions can be received by individuals in that location who wants to receive them and have a necessary equipment to do so.

If you have cell phone with Bluetooth technology, you can send or receive data cost free. You would be able transform:

· JPEG file like images

· Animated images

· Audio and video file

· Messages

· vCal

There are numerous advantages of Bluetooth marketing; some of them are listed below:

Free message sending – Users can send unlimited messages to mobiles or PDA’s rapidly without any transmission cost.

24x7x365 delivery – There is no time limit for sending or receiving data throughout the whole day. It helps end number of users to transform their personal or any other data cost free and hassle free.

All you need to do is to ON your Bluetooth connection, then search for device. Once your cell search other device it will ask you the question “Do you accept data or not”. You need to press accept or reject. If you press yes, the data will transform to your cell but if you reject it will not transform to your cell. Bluetooth has set new trend of mobile marketing from 2003 onwards with Bluetooth marketing and proximity marketing.

Bluetooth Marketing, an amazing system that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to target your audience at close proximity to your establishment with the direct response message.

Ashish(SEO Consultant)

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