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May 12, 2010

Although SEO services include a wide offer of achieving high rankings in search engines, but the link popularity services are the most common and sought after services by many online business websites. The major reason for opting link popularity is it ends in long term relationship with the site being linked to.

Only a few search engines rank sites through link popularity. But it is the single most influential factor in determining the site’s performance in search engine rankings. The popularity is checked through the quantity of sites being linked to and the quality of links pointing to a site. Link exchanges are sites that help webmasters find link partners for the benefit of traffic.

During the past, SEO services were mainly targeted towards achieving higher rankings in search engines through link exchange. This included reciprocal linking which gained a lot of criticism from search engines when webmasters started manipulating links using link farms and link scams. Then came in the concept of inbound links or non-reciprocal linking which is still widely used by SEO companies for attaining high rankings. Your category for inbound links must include those links that creates traffic around your website. This simulates how natural links are created i.e. links that people create to point to your site because they found it worth linking to.

The link building strategy includes the following ways that can be used to build traffic for the site:
Directories are categorized listings of links. These contain multiple categories related to all walks of life. They can be either open or specific in nature. The methods of linking on them can vary from one directory to another. One should get listed in quality directories like Yahoo directory or DMOZ where you can find genuine links related to your industry niche. One can take a look on paid directories as they give permanent listings to your site.

Your Partners are the best option for reciprocal linking to trade and create professional associations.

Having a strong content based site would definitely help in linking to other sites. This gets you to link to sites that are relevant to your business making it more popular in search engine rankings. A content rich site does not require any communication from your end, it happens so naturally. Writing articles and refreshing your content at regular intervals helps to generate interest in visitors and crawlers to come back to the site again and again thereby leading to popularity of your site and enhancing traffic.

Writing a polite email to the website owners that you come across having good information related to your business. Sometimes they may ask for a link back, but getting links from such useful sites through a simple request mail can so wonders for your site’s popularity.

Thus one should keep trying to build quality links through white hat techniques as it pays for a long period of time. Availing SEO services from some genuine companies would be an added advantage to your business.

Have a happy linking!!

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