Protecting the Past with Home Safes

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May 12, 2010

Homeowners today are fortunate that home safes offer a wide variety of security options, from securing small items of jewellery and cash, to computer data and even larger items such as guns or antiques. The range of personal safes or security storage facilities extends not only to the traditional wall safe with combination lock, similar to that found in banks and financial institutions, but to the smaller, more humble safe, that any homeowner should have installed.

Why should you install a safe at home? Clearly, the security afforded by such a device represents peace of mind. However, there are several advantages to being able to store your important and valuable possessions in a secure manner, not all of which are immediately obvious.

The first advantage is obviously to protect your personal possessions from theft or burglary. Typically, most household break-ins last no more than 5 minutes, with typical burglaries taking less than 3 minutes. Those who break in to homes do not wish to hang around for very long. They are often thorough, and will turn the place upside down looking for likely objects such as money, credit cards, wallets, jewellery, cell phones and such like.

Having a home safe will certainly help to make sure that any thief is unlikely to either find your valuable items, or remove them from the property. However, this depends on the exact type of safe which you have installed. If you decide to opt for the roll bolted steel case, which is extremely heavy, fairly large, and bolted to the joists or beams of the property, then a thief may well discover it, but be able to do little more than this.

The weight and the method by which it has been fixed to the fabric of the building prevent burglars from being able to access your belongings. This in turn will discourage them for two reasons. To begin with, they will suspect that anything worth stealing has been locked away, beyond their reach, which may encourage them to move on somewhere else.

The fact that you have gone to the trouble of installing a good quality home safe will also make them suspect that you have other security devices, such as hidden security cameras, silent alarms and such like. This will also tend to discourage them from continuing, and they may well leave early.

By leaving early, not only is there a greater chance that items which might have been removed remain in your home, but there may be less damage and turmoil caused if the theft is left incomplete after the discovery of the safe.

Home safes clearly have several benefits in terms of security, from protecting the possessions within the safe itself, to discouraging burglars. However, there is still more to having a safe installed in your property. When it comes to protecting your possessions, it is easy to consider the physical items we own such as money, keys, jewellery and such like. Nevertheless, today we live in a world where there is great value and importance attached to possessions which we cannot touch or hold and are therefore harder to protect.

Computer data forms a major part of our lives, and there is barely a single home today which does not have at least one computer, on which may be stored a wealth of important or valuable data. We take billions of digital photographs, and millions of hours of video footage, not to mention documents, budgets, spreadsheets, passwords, emails and so on. This data is, in many cases, quite irreplaceable, and to create backups of this is essential.

A home safe provides an additional security advantage beyond theft. Computer data can be wiped or damaged beyond recovery by heat, cold, moisture, fire, radiation and sunlight. We tend to look at our computers and disks and assume that they are safe, but this is a false assumption. What good is making a backup of your childrens precious digital photographs and videos if your disks simply go into a drawer? A theft, flood or fire would erase them from history forever.

Home safes today are available with a tremendous number of safety features, including both climate control and protection against fire and flood. By storing your digital backups in your safe, then whatever may happen to your home, you can be confident that your memories, business data and other valuable information will remain safe and secure for you to be able to access again in the future.

Home safes provide something which is valuable in itself beyond measure – peace of mind. The more data, jewellery or precious items you have, the greater the stress and worry that you experience. With threats from burglaries and crime to natural disasters and household accidents, our important items are constantly under threat. Installing a safe in your home will help you to relax and enjoy the present, knowing the past and the future are protected.

Yves Mason is a home insurance broker and home safety expert. Now that you know a little more about home safes get your home safes from

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