When Trying To Make Money Online From Home Your Opt-In List Is Your Greatest Asset

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May 10, 2010

As you go about the business of learning how to make money online from home you will constantly hear and read about opt-in pages and the power of a list. It’s true; a list of opt-in subscribers is without a doubt one of the most important and powerful marketing tools you posses. The big names in affiliate marketing like Stone Evans and Ewan Chia have used their lists to great effect.

So how exactly do you go about building a list?

One of the best ways to start building a list is to build an opt-in page which will include your newsletter sign-up form and a few free give away’s. The Internet was always intended to be a source of free information so people are usually more than willing to give you their name and email address in return for interesting information.

The information needs to be relevant of course. Information that will help people in their efforts to make money online from home will be gratefully received. For example, you can offer free e-books covering subjects like search engine optimization and how to get the best out of Google Adwords which are both very important subjects in Internet marketing.

One of my most popular give away’s is ‘Dotcomology – The Science Of Making Money Online’ by Stone Evans. This ebook covers exactly what you need to know to be able to successfully make money online from home. In fact, if more people had the chance to read it before they began their online home businesses I’m sure that there would be far fewer frustrated people out there.

Your free give away’s should also be branded with your affiliate id’s or your personal website URL to take advantage of the viral effect of this marketing technique. Once your subscribers have downloaded their ebooks they are free to pass them on to who ever they please and your links will also be passed along.

In order to super charge the benefits of your personal opt-in page so that you can continue to make money online from home well into the future it is very important to set up an autoresponder. The only way to build long-term sustainable profits for your home business is to build up a good relationship with your subscribers.

Your autoresponder will help you do this. Remember, your subscribers have opted in so they will be more than willing to receive articles, tips and help via email. Over time they will come to appreciate your help and trust you. They will respond much more favourably to any offers you may want to make to them in the future if you have taken the time to build a meaningful relationship with them.

Once you have chosen your free give aways’s and built a cool looking, simple and fast loading opt-in page you will need to start promoting it.

Whichever way you choose to make money online from home, whether it be online affiliate programs or network marketing, your list will become one of your most important assets.

Many people have great success promoting their opt-in page in Traffic Exchanges such as Traffic Swarm but the problem is that most of the people who use Traffic Exchanges already have their own home business and are not necessarily looking for an opportunity, they just want to promote their own.

For this reason the secret is to come up with a snappy headline, one that makes your advert stand out from the crowd and makes people want to click on your link. I would suggest a headline that says something about free ebooks and in the description you should mention their titles and what they cover. Stress the ‘free’ part and how your information will help them in their efforts to make money online.

Have a good look at other people’s ads and try to come up with something different. In the competitive environment of the home business world it isn’t easy to make your offer stand out from the crowd but if you can pull it off the rewards will be huge.

Most Traffic Exchanges have a free account option so it is well worth the small investment of time needed to sign up. Whether you surf for credits or decide to buy them, you should be aiming for 5-10 sign-ups per day. Once you are reaching that sort of level on a regular basis you will start to see your list growing rapidly. Within a matter of months you will have a long list of opt-in subscribers who can contact with your offers and promotions.

There are also other ways you can promote your opt-in page URL. You can create a pop-up on your home page, advertise it in articles, advertise it in classified ads, put it in your signature file for all emails, put it in your Warrior Forum signature file and post blogs with your URL in you signature file.

The benefits of having a long list of opt-in subscribers should not be underestimated. Remember though that building your list is just the start. In order to fully benefit from your list and continue to make money online from home well into the future you will have to take the time to build up a relationship with your list. This is crucial. If they know and trust you they will be far more receptive to your future offers generating long-term sustainable profits for your home business.

Chris Grayson is the owner of http://The-Biz-To-Be-In.com and reviews the many different opportunities to make money online from home. To download your free ebooks, written by industry experts on Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing and Search Engine Optimization follow this link http://www.The-Biz-To-Be-In.com/Learn-From-The-Experts

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