How do I change my email settings on craigs list?

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April 16, 2011

Question by Ron W: How do I change my email settings on craigs list?
I used to be able to hit the reply address option on craigslist and use yahoo to email with. Now I cant since my setting were reset on the computer and the internet options does not have that option available. Make sence? How can i change this?

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Answer by Di
Composing a New Email Message

On yahoo, open your In box….left hand corner click on new with pad and pencil, then write the e mail address and send it, then a small box will come up you add first name and last, that will automatically add new recipients on your contacts. after that when your write and address just type in the first letter and it will pop up the e mail address and just click on the e mail address you want. That’s the way I do it….
Hope it will work for you, you have a nice week and week end
Live,Laugh,Love, Di

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