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What is Email Verifier service?

This is a complete Email validator package with php api intergration. So you can validate the email address on your website signup page,subcribers signup and etc....

So What Do We Check?

which means there is no software to install - delivered online by us.

Verification includes :

Syntax - a simple check to ensure the email address conforms to RFC standards.
Domain - a lookup on the domain element of the email address to ensure it is configured to accept emails.
Mailbox User - the in-depth part, where we check that the user really mailbox exists or not.
Its never send an email during our validation.

Years Of Expertise

With well over 2 years of development time contributed into our application, we assure you that we can deliver the most reliable email verification anywhere. It is our focused specialty, and we have gotten really good at it. We have built to cope with the many variates of mail servers from services, including grey-listing, false positives and velocity blocks. What we do is an unmatched science, by performing reliable email checking at the volumes we deliver is a very challenging task requiring detailed knowledge of how Internet Service Providers work, and the mail server technology behind the emails themselves. No other email verification service can match the accuracy of our checks, we've already looked into it.

Reliable and Secure

Security of your data is our primary concern. To ensure security, we implement: Robust data security implemented using Microsoft Trustworthy Computing guidelines. Logical security of your data by allocation of your own, dedicated database. Any data that you checked won't stored in database. So your privacy & data is safe compared to other service providers. Physical security in our US and EU data centers, servers, and backup devices. Lock and keyed, with ID scan. Once you delete a list from our system, it is wiped completely off our servers. We have no interest to retain.