Best CRM for Small Business & Email Marketing

Our CRM software for small businesses with Email Marketing for your business to make it better and valuable. We help you to get a better customer base with CRM Email Marketing platform to manage your email marketing and customers efficiently.

CRM Email Marketing Automation

Helping you comprehend your audience, hear them out, also, construct an enduring relationship.

HelloMails furnishes definite contact following alongside great contact sustaining tool to enable you to sort out your marketing efforts. HelloMails computerizes the way toward finding and maintaining connections through points of arrival and structures, sending email, instant messages, web alerts, following social networking and incorporating with your CRM and different frameworks.


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Beautiful & Powerful CRM Email Marketing Interface

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Contact Nurturing & Tracking

HelloMails provides in-depth and detailed contact tracking along with great contact nurturing tools to give businesses with the tools needed to organize their marketing campaigns. Contact tracking includes page views, time spent on site, and specific interests.

HelloMails takes contact nurturing one step further by allowing businesses to create any additional custom fields for a communication. Using deeply integrated API’s it is possible to tie your CRM fields direct to your contact fields.


Campaign Marketing & Dripflow Programs

Campaigns and drip programs are critical to any kind marketing automation program. HelloMails comes with flexible, easy-to-use campaign management and drip program creation. Create a campaign and define actions and events which contacts will follow. Automate the process of connecting with contacts and nurturing them along the sales funnel.

HelloMails lets businesses define multiple outcome processes and set both dates triggered actions, as well as activity, triggered responses.


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Social Media Integrations

Social media networks provide fantastic opportunities to connect with contacts and potential customers. Businesses who recognize the importance of social media and how to use these networks to form relationships will find Mautic’s integrations top of the line. In addition, Mautic allows developers to add any additional networks they choose.

Any social network with an API can be integrated into Mautic quickly and easily. Businesses love Mautic’s social integrations.

Stunning Landing Pages and Assets

Marketing automation uses landing pages to help capture key information from site visitors. Mautic lets businesses create stunning and unique landing pages easily through the integrated page builder. These landing pages provide key information to help monitor site traffic and also allows download monitoring for asset management.

All of these resources working together create a personal profile on each site visitor tailored to their interests and needs and provide businesses with relevant information for building a strong profile.


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